In 2013 there was considerable flooding in parts of Cambodia. Through our community development network in Cambodia we heard of a family that had lost their traditional Cambodian home and possessions in this flooding.

The situation was made worse by the fact that the father of the family was blind and unable to earn any income. The family of five  which image_040included a seven months old baby, was being supported by their teen aged daughter and neighbors who shared what little food they could share. Following negotiations with the family we contracted a local builder to build a traditional style corrugated iron Cambodian home to replace the dwelling that had been washed away.





During our visits we also learnt  that the 10 year old boy had never attended school. We provided him with bike to ride the 7 image_038kilometers to school and also sandals, school uniforms, backpack, books and pencils. I have never seen such a joyful child. It was very rewarding on future visits to view his exercise books with lots of red ticks!

We also made arrangements for the father to attend the Caritas Eye Clinic in Takeo where he was examined by an ophthalmologist. He was able to offer some symptomatic treatment but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done to help improve his vision.


Primary health care developmental check.
A boy and his bike!