Po Village School Land Purchase

In 2011 we undertook our first community development project in Po Village, Takeo to raise funds to purchase land for a new school site and give support to the existing palm leaf school.

With support from our donors and educational advisor Janelle de la Hunty we assisted Children with Hope for Development, a Cambodian NGO, with the introduction of Up and Away English book learning system into their MoeY curriculum.

We also purchased laptop computers for teachers to assist them with maintaining their school records and giving them web access.






Sandra & Sebastian

Our amazing German SSSP affiliates Sandra Brock and Sebastian Hinz are both experienced IT professionals. They chose Po Village as their site to volunteer for three months. During this period they worked hard to provide teachers and students with enhanced English speaking skills. They also assisted the teachers with IT record keeping and the Director with IT and training to understand administration processes, accountability and management of financial spread sheets.